Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Bad Side of the Smallpox Vaccine....

If you go to this website you'll find an article titled "VA won't pay benefits to Marine whose injuries came from vaccine." The article is about a marine who got the smallpox vaccine, but his body was not happy about it. Not only does this article cover the bad part of getting vaccinated, it discusses some interesting ethical issues about whether or not someone with a bad reaction to a vaccine should receive the same financial support as someone with a 'traumatic injury'.

Here's a little bit to get you interested:

" left Lopez in a coma, unable for a time to breathe on his own and paralyzed for weeks. Now he can walk, but with a limp. He has to wear a urine bag constantly, has short-term memory loss and must swallow 15 pills daily to control leg spasms and other ailments."

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