Monday, September 14, 2009

And the popularity contest prize goes to......

The Demon in the Freezer

The Demon in the Freezer is fantastic for the average person who knows little to nothing about smallpox or anthrax, the scientist who wants a light read, and anyone else who wants to be terrified about the world in which we live.

While this book covered main points, which were detailed in the eight other books I had previously read about smallpox, I do not believe The Demon in the Freezer was not made for someone hoping for key, concrete information about the smallpox virus. I say this because, though all the names, places, and history were accurate, each chapter jumped around from topic to topic, and drama to drama. Rather than giving a chronological account of smallpox in the world, Preston travels through time as he wishes. While I could place everything on a time line in my mind because I had previous knowledge about the subject, I believe it would be very difficult for the average reader to understand the order and importance of each event as the book goes on.

It is also worth noting that the title of this book is deceiving, for the story is not just about smallpox (aka “the demon”), but anthrax as well. Although the anthrax scare added intensity to the plot line, it seemed unnecessary. I would rather Preston wrote two separate thrillers about smallpox and anthrax, instead.

That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Demon in the Freezer for what it was. It was an easy, light, and fun read, despite its frighteningly heavy topic. Reading The Demon in the Freezer was like watching a thriller based on a true story, but even scarier. Every so often I would have to remind myself that I am currently in the world that is the realization of a seemingly fictional world in Preston's book.

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