Monday, September 14, 2009

Causes of Immunodeficiency

In study of infectious disease, we have appropriately explored the different reasons why people become immunodeficient and more susceptible to becoming more infected. At the 2nd European Congress of Immunology in Berlin, Professor Reinholdt Schmidt tried to provide further light into the reasons that our immune systems poop out on us.

Most common causes of immunodeficiency are poor nutrition, living in unsanitary conditions, and the presence of different viruses within the body. Other people just get old, and their immune system decides to retire. Only one in five hundred people have some sort of innate dysfunction in the immune system from birth.

New deficiencies are found virtually every day in genetic mutations that result in immunodeficiency, mostly in the form of B-cell and T-cell deficiencies. The use of stem cells and antibodies are generally effective to countering the absence of natural tools of the immune system.


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