Saturday, August 29, 2009


It's T-minus one-and-a-half days till you all jump-start your sophomore years with three weeks of smallpox, and I know that all of us are super excited to spend a fun-filled three weeks with all of you!!

The very first thing you have to look forward to, as I found out today, are your "Sopho-Get-More-Out-Of-College" T-shirts, yours upon arrival at your residence on Monday! If that sounds a bit lame, consider yourselves lucky given SOCO's history of iffy apparel (two years ago you would have received a Halloween-ish themed shirt, black background with bright orange lettering, and 'Sophmore College' misspelled in brash WordArt on the front).

Alexis: glad to hear Alibek's book was your favorite. Mine too! I am currently working on a slideshow of photos I took in Zagorsk last year (has anyone else been?) to show to you all- pretty much the last place you'd look for biological weapons facilities. You'll see what I mean.

Anyway, I wholeheartedly agree with Lauren that you should all hurry on back as soon as possible. We have far too much to do and not even close to enough time to do it all! 

See you soon,

A-pox (Aaron; like Lauren and I you will also all be getting cool virological nicknames of your own soon)

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