Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Swine Flu leads to Avian Flu-like symptoms??

Swine flu is all over the news! The CDC recently published that this swine flu virus that is going around causes "deep, fatal lung infections rarely seen in seasonal flu but common with the deadly avian strain." This current virus is different from seasonal influenza. According to results from tests done on 100 Americans who had died from this swine flu, they had infections deep in their lungs which caused acute respiratory distress syndrome. This causes the air sacs in the lungs to fill with fluid, and deprives the blood of oxygen, causing its victims to basically suffocate or drown. This current strain of swine flu virus causes more problems in youth. According to Sherif Zaki, "This is almost exactly what we see with avian flu. This looks like avian flu on steroids."

This article published by USA Today also lists other problems that have been associated with people who have come down with the swine flu. I find it just a little intimidating that this new swine flu looks like avian flu on steroids. Flu season has yet to begin and yet we are seeing more people getting sick. This article also states that some studies have shown people infected with H1N1 to be contagious for about a week longer than those who are diagnosed with seasonal flu. This could mean more children sick in schools, more people becoming sick at work, and other densely populated areas...

Will we be able to effectively combat H1N1 so that it doesn't become more of a problem than it already is?? I sure hope so...

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