Sunday, September 6, 2009

Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes...

We've mentioned Dengue Fever quite a bit in class, and so when I found this article I thought it was very interesting. It was written back in December, but the idea behind it is simply genius!

Dengue is quite a problem in a lot of areas, and is transmitted through mosquitoes. So one British biotech company has decided to create engineered mosquitoes to help fight Dengue. These engineered male mosquitoes would be created to go out into the world and breed with "wild" female mosquitoes, and because these male mosquitoes contain lethal genes, the offpsring would die young, preventing them from passing Dengue onto humans.

The simple idea that science has come thus far is amazing to me. If we have progressed so far as to actually be able to engineer mosquitoes to help fight disease, more progress is definitely on the way.

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